About Maxvision

Maxvision was developed keeping in mind the practical problems faced by our senior citizens in using smartphones.

Our goal is to provide an easy solution to keep them connected using smartphones with minimal aid from others.

MaxVision is a minimalistic launcher, which provides a visual layer to hide complexities of a smartphone.

You can either access basic smartphone features like, camera & photo gallery etc. using MaxVision itself or you can always go back to the original phone by choosing default launcher from Settings option.


Simple Design

Designed for our elders and those who feel it difficult to use smarphones.

Auto Speaker Mode

Accepting an incoming call will automatically put MaxVision on speakers. Speakers can be put back to receiver after answering incoming call.

Double-tap Message

Designed for our elders and those who feel it difficult to use smarphones.

Photo Touch Call

No need to type numbers, or search through big list of contacts. Just scroll images of your contacts and double` tap to make a call.

One Touch Torch

Just a single tap to switch ON or switch OFF the torch.

Access More Features

Need more? Tap the setting button and access images, camera, mobile-settings and more.



How to install MaxVision ?

Installation process of MaxVision is simple and short. See below given steps −


  • Visit google play store
  • Search and locate MaxVision
  • Make payment and click Install


  • Find Home option in Settings > Device
  • Select Maxvision Launcher and press Home Button
  • MaxVision should be activated to be used
How to make a call ?

Calling from a smartphone was never this easy before. Your MaxVision home screen displays all your contacts with their pictures (if saved) alogn with their saved names.

Its simple design makes it easier to scroll through list of contacts. Locate your contact and just double tap. This will automatically take you to the default caller of your phone and will try to connect you to the destined person.

After you're done with the call, MaxVision will automatically bring you to its home screen.

How to setup regional language?

MaxVision is programmed to support 10 widely spoken international languages. It automatically responds to you in your configured language.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Portugese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Urdu
  • MaxVision is constructed to have minimal design. It comprises of only two screens. All icon names will be displayed in your smartphone's configured language.

    Switch to your local langauge −

    • Tap on Options
    • Goto Settings → Language & Input
    • Select your preferred lanauge and press Home button
    How to keep favorite contacts on top ?

    We are surrounded by families & friends and their families & their friends. And all those contacts goes into our smartphones.

    MaxVision gives you option to configure your frequently used contacts to float on the top of contact lists.

    Prefixing numerical digits followed by '−' (hyphen) should re-arrange the list for you. For example → 1 − Andrew will be followed by 2 − Carlos. These numbers and hyphes are suppressed in the contact list.


    • Tap on Menu and locate dialpad
    • Click on contacts and choose either edit existing or new contact
    • Prefix 1 − before the contact's first name or continue the series if already configured
    • Save & Exit
    How to Setup SOS ?

    SOS messages are pre-configured emergency messages. These messages are configured by providing contact-number and short message.

    • Tap on Menu
    • Tap on SOS
    • Enter number of the person you wud like to contact in case of an emergency
    • If you want to customize the SOS message, you can add manually or else by default it will send a message “call me soon
    • Click the save button
    • To edit existing SOS configuration, just click on number and message
    How to Use SOS ?

    Just double tap on the SOS icon on the home screen. It should vibrate and a message is sent to the person which you have already configured earlier. A confirmation message should soon follow.

    SOS is just an extension to ordinary SMS service. In case of aero plane mode and no signal, the message will not be sent.

    How to Check Phone Status ?

    MaxVision provides one click solution to give you all mobile information which you may require.

    • Press the clock icon
    • You'll get a screen showing the clock, Date Day and battery status

    As soon as the battery is below 10%, a notification will be displayed on the screen and the footer's background color will turn red. U can also hear a sound notification and It shows that the phone needs charging.

    How to access smartphone Features ?

    MaxVision provides an abstraction layer over your smartphone, just make it easy for the elders. Still all the smartphone features are accessible.

    MaxVision provides direct access to Image Gallary, SMS Messages, Smarphone Settings, Mobile Dial-pad, Music, Camera, Browser and Alarm settings

    All mentioned featuered can be accessed by tapping on right-most Menu icon.

    How to switch back to Default Launcher ?

    We understand and respect your need to go back to your smartphone's default launcher.

    Follow these instructions to enable default launcher −

    • Tap on Menu icon on home screen
    • Tap to Settings
    • Locate default launcher settins
    • Select the default launcher
    • Press Home button


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