Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SENDFiles is a service provided free of cost to share large files for business and personal needs. SENDFiles allows you to send 18GB of data in one go and this data may comprise of an unlimited number of files of any type.

Yes, there are lots of websites around, but they either provide poor service or charge a fee for their services. At SENDFiles, we strive hard to deliver the best file transfer service through an easy-to-use interface and highly secure channel.

SENDFiles is a product of Tutorials Point India Pvt. Ltd. (www.tutorialspoint.com), a registered organization in India that is actively involved in providing Free Online Education for self-learning purpose. Tutorialspoint.com is a popular site that boasts a Tutorials Library having more than 1300 highly useful technical tutorials, and an online IDE called Coding Ground that allows users to draft, compile, and execute their programs online. Tutorials Point has been providing service to millions of its readers since 2006 and it earns revenue through the advertisements that are posted on the site.

First of all, communication with the user takes place over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. Second, when you send a file to a recipient, we provide you a download link and a password to download the file. Even if you have a download link for the file, you will not be able to download it until you have a valid password.

It's our business to provide a secured platform to transfer files from source to destination. We assure you that your files are 100% safe with us and they will be transferred to their designated recipients. SENDFiles acts just a medium. As a company policy, we don't analyze the type of files being transferred or their content. For more information, please read our Terms & Policies.

We don't have a scientifically valid and logical answer to that. Numerologists believe "18" is a number that brings lots of fortune and good luck.

Aha, again it's 18. Yes, you can broadcast your files to a maximum of 18 recipients :-)

Any size we can accommodate upto 18 GB.

It is quite easy to compare SENDFiles with other file transfer service providers:

  • SENDFiles provides the most intuitive graphical user interface to handle complete file transfer management, whereas other service providers are either full of advertisements or you will need to take coaching to understand the functionality of their user interfaces.
  • SENDFiles allows you to send 18GB data free of cost, whereas other service providers allow free service only to a certain extent (for example, 2GB or 3GB) and thereafter, they charge a fee.
  • SENDFiles provides you a password along with a download link. Our users can avail this service free of cost, whereas other service providers will charge you a premium for this feature.
  • SENDFiles has been hosted in a state-of-the-art tier-4 data center which provides 100% uptime and a highly secured data network.
  • SENDFiles provides you an option to drag and drop a complete directory while queuing your files to be sent. In other websites, you will need to add your files one by one.
  • SENDFiles is the only service provider which allows you to stop and resume your file transfer. It gives you the flexibility to disconnect from the Net and reconnect without pre-empting your upload or download.
  • SENDFiles keeps you updated about the status of your file transfer and you get a confirmation as soon as any of the recipients download any of the files.
  • SENDFiles provides a powerful functionality where you can download individual files as well as a collection of all the files in one go.

Our server will hold your files up to 30 days and thereafter, the files will be automatically deleted to make room for other transfers. However, we are working on the options to allow you to keep your files forever.

You can avail our services as many as times as you like, but every time, you will be able to send only 18GB of data up to 18 recipients.

In that case, you can use our Link Generation option. It won't ask you for an email ID, rather you will be provided your download link along with a password as soon as your file transfer is completed.

We send a confirmation email to the server as soon as a file recipient starts downloading a file which confirms that your file has been delivered successfully. If we find that a given email ID is incorrect or does not exist, then we report it back to the file sender.

We are working on this feature and it will be available soon. You will be able to delete a sent file any time you like, regardless of it being downloaded by a recipient or not.

This is a very valid question and to answer this we will need few statements. First of all we see our service as purely a file transfer service and if you are finding solutions for file storage then we suggest better options like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Second, we concentrate more on providing better solutions for moving your files faster and safer instead of managing huge file storage and slowing down complete file movement operation.

Last but not the least, we provide you opportunity to keep your files stored about a week , which should be genuinely enough time to download and safeguard your files.

APart from donating a small amount, we welcome your help in letting us know for further improvements and new features in the service. Additionally we want you to share this service with your friends and family and in your social network so that more people can be benefited using this excellent service.